Augenblick Moment of being
Requiem Singing Line
Universum My life
Script Besiegelt
Script Flow
Network Hand in hand
Im Fluss Moment of being
Movements Circle of life
La Valse de l'Art Internationale
Moments Sandstorm
Moments How to get through
Moments Sunny days
Moments On my way
Moments On my way
Moments On my way
Script Never ending
Network In red
Yes, it's true... ...another moment - Schöner Wohnen
SIZ ...Susanna hat den richtigen Strich
Moments Small little things
Movements Happy being
My Egg Registered Trade Mark
Movements On my way
Script Logorrhoe
Movements One tiny little moment - sometimes I wish I could hold it longer
Network Sometimes it helps
Movements My world
Network Connected
Network Connected - in flow
Moments On my way
Quite a few hours of work - handpainted of course Black & White
Network accurate
Moments Network I Script I Hittnau
100 pieces - done with greatest respect My art on Mozart's Zauberflöte
100 pieces ...another part of art on Mozart's Zauberflöte
100 pieces ...and again another part of art on Mozart's Zauberflöte
Moments Ragini Todi - waiting her lover

How it works

Tecnical ingredients

And a bit more it needs hand follows my heart and head - a multifunctional process...
and always in dialog with material, thoughts, feelings, technics, composition and all the little tiny things inbetween...

Believe me - the whole life comes up in that very moment 

Showtime ...and some more...


Did you know, that porcelain is called the white gold?

For me it is not only precious because it is a natural material - clean, pure, with the look and smooth feeling and also with the charisma of a pearl...
Porcelain last for centuries - overlast crisis, storms, cultures and much more...

The strong material is in the same time very fragile. One second of carelessness - and all the beauty is over.... broken and over for ever...

My intention and passion of porcelain painting

precious material - smooth, sensitive, charismatic 

to be focussed and aware of the very and only one moment - The NOW 

to tell a story in a single line - my singing line

there is only one try to draw a line - so be aware, concentrated, focussed and just do it 

...with calm, controlled energy, passion, love and in the same time having fun what you are doing...

in a way some kind of meditation...